This site is under construction!



6/13/23: I added some few pics and more image buttons. I also added some info in About section.

5/2/23: I edited the Guestbook pic because of minor mistakes which I fixed it. I added the links to other social media sites that I'm at. I will later add the other sites in the future.

4/10/23: I forgot to make updates for the past two weeks which I apogilze. I made buttons with links and making new pages as well as testing them out.

3/25/23: Finished uploading the title pics on my other pages. I included the page link buttons on every pages as well.

3/24/23: Sorry for being inactive for two weeks! But I finished my Guestbook page and got a link to it so feel free to sign if you can. :3 Also, first time drawing Bright Eyes from My Little Pony Tales. Added the guestbook title as well.

3/9/23: I got the link buttons to work to go to other pages and making a decent table sizes.

3/6/23: Thanks to Retrobun, I was able to center my update scroll box. :3 Now I can finally center some boxes. I also made a home page as I want the index to be the intro that will lead to my home page with button links.

3/5/23: I was able to make a new header pic that I made it earlier on Photoshop. I just put My Little Nostalgia instead of full name as it wouldn't fit the rainbow arch. The font was the closest one I can find. I'm also working on the image buttons.

Please check out my lifestyle blog while your waiting for this one and updates.

As for this site, this one will be for my My Little Pony(G1 to FIM) as well as Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, etc. including 90's stuff as well. I am currently organizing my pics as well as the layout so please be patient. :3

G1 My Little Pony: Dream Valley

G1 My Little Pony backcard