Welcome to My Little Nostalgia!

What my site is about

Hello, my little faeries! Welcome to my site, I am Faerie-StarV, a faerie unicorn pony who loves to take you back to the past and all the good memories of nostalgia.

My page will be mostly about nostalgia such as the 1980s and other decades.

About page will be about me and how I got the idea of making this site

Journal page is me writing updates and other stuff.

One page will be about My Little Pony along with other gens.

Any nostalgia from decades will focus on cartoons, movies, video games, music, ect. is on Nostalgia page including my childhood memories.

The recipes page is for me to try out cooking from the old recipe books from other decades including other old Geocities recipes pages.

The shrines page will feature of others sites, buttons, etc.

Please check out my Guestbook to leave comments(please no rude ones nor harassement, thank you).

Gallery page will have pics and some of my art.

The Links page will take you to other sites I'm at.